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Winthrop Tree Service is a privately owned, full service tree care and tree service company serving the greater Charleston area. With over 20 years experience, our goal is to provide a high standard of safe and modern arboriculture at an affordable price, while making attention to detail and customer satisfaction our priority!

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Winthrop Tree Service is a fully insured and licensed company owned and operated by Arborist Gren Winthrop.

In 1994, at age 28, Gren and fellow certified Arborist Chris Gerards moved to Hilton Head, South Carolina to start new lives and a new company called Historic Tree Preservation Inc (HTP). With a keen focus on customer satisfaction and exceptional service, Gren and Chris grew HTP to five offices throughout SC, NC & GA. By 2003 and Historic Tree Preservation had become synonymous with quality and was the fastest growing residential and commercial tree care company in the southeast.

In September of 2003 they accepted an offer of acquisition from renowned international giant Bartlett Tree Expert Company and in doing so they signed a five year non-compete agreement that expired in September 2008.

With renewed energy and with a core group of employees, Gren was excited to be back in business as Winthrop Tree Service, LLC. As we approach our 6th year in business, Winthrop Tree Service continues to grow with state of the art equipment and 10 full-time employees. Our focus remains on quality work practices and exceptional service for our customers in the Charleston, South Carolina area.

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Emergency Relief & Storm Damage

Winthrop Tree Service, LLC

When hurricanes, ice storms and high winds throw trees on roofs, homes, vehicles and across roads and driveways, Winthrop Tree Service is the leader in disaster relief, providing prompt attention and the most experience in emergency situations. Highly skilled Crane Operators and Arborists work together to remove even the largest trees from the interior and off roofs of homes and buildings.

Tree Pruning

Winthrop Tree Service, LLC

Trees in the forest grow quite well with little or no care; however, in a landscape setting, tree pruning is almost always necessary. There are a variety of cases where this work is needed.

A tree left to grow in an open yard for example will almost always seize the opportunity to grow wide & full. This rapid growth may outpace the trees structural ability to support its own crown and tree failure may be inevitable during high winds and ice storms. In this case crown cleaning and thinning is warranted to lessen weight and sail effect.

In other cases landscape trees warrant pruning to remove dangerous deadwood and/or structure rubbing and approaching branches. Pruning can also improve tree structure, enhance vigor and occasional thinning will allow more light on lawns. Vista pruning is yet another type of pruning we do in the coastal communities to access beautiful views.

Tree Removal

Winthrop Tree Service, LLC

Trees grow larger and survive longer than any other living thing on earth. They can take hundreds or even thousands of years to grow yet in a short period of time can be weakened or destroyed by pests, disease, drought and storms.

Once trees die they can deteriorate rapidly as moisture evaporates and decay sets in. At this point the safe & proper removal is warranted by a specialist.

At Winthrop Tree Service, LLC we specialize in the safe & proper removal of large trees. Our team has over twenty-five (25) combined years of experience enabling us to remove even the largest of trees from the tightest of areas.

This event can be quite a show as our climbers will engineer a tree to ground level branch by branch, piece by piece, using chainsaws, ropes and pulley systems.

Once down and removed from the property only the stump remains. Stump grinding is an additional service that we provide with a portable machine that can access most back yards.

Stump Grinding

Winthrop Tree Service, LLC

Once a tree is down and removed from the property, only the stump remains. Stump grinding is an additional service that we provide with a portable machine that can access most backyards.


Winthrop Tree Service, LLC

Trees take up essential elements dissolved in water up through their roots. These elements are vital in order for a tree to survive.

For trees growing in a forest environment these elements are usually present in sufficient quantities. However for trees in landscaped settings where the layers of leaf litter and mulch have been removed and decomposition interrupted, trees can essentially starve.

Fertilizing a tree can increase growth, reduce susceptibility to pests and diseases and improve health, however, not all trees should be fertilized. If not applied wisely trees can suffer and/or die. A Winthrop Tree Arborist can explain in detail the specifics of plant health care and which trees ought be considered for this treatment.

Consultation Pre-Construction Planning

Winthrop Tree Service, LLC

Construction damage is the greatest cause of tree failure and tree decline in the United States. Trees in a forest environment generally have root systems that spread greater than the height of that tree. When trees are subjected to an urban environment, many things can go wrong.

Mechanical injury from trenching can sever and greatly reduce root systems, while heavy equipment can scar and injure branches and trunks and compact soil.

Compaction can be devastating. When soil is compacted, pore space between soil particles is reduced. Oxygen is also reduced, and there is an increase of carbon dioxide and other harmful gases. Soon root growth is diminished and stressful signs may appear.

Contrary to what many might think, the majority of tree roots grow in the upper few inches of soil. Thus grade change is yet another construction related risk. If the grade is lowered, a large percentage of the root system may be removed. If the grade is raised, the roots may suffocate.

Proper planning through consultation with an Arborist (prior to construction) is always preferable. Options such as tree wells, aeration, vertical mulching and terracing may just save your trees.


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